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Emergency Veterinary Care

Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat provides emergency and urgent veterinary care for cats and dogs from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Read on below to find out what to do if your pet is experiencing an emergency.

Please Note: We are NOT offering 24/7 emergency services. While we can hospitalize patients during our operating hours of 7am-10pm, by 10pm all inpatients will have to be picked up and transferred to a 24/7 clinic. For after-hours emergency care, please contact the emergency animal hospital listed below.

Daytime Emergency Care: Contact Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat

OPEN: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Call Our Direct Emergency Line: 978-407-1122

After-Hours Emergency Care

If your pet is experiencing an emergency after our regular hours, please contact one of the 24/7 emergency animal hospitals below.

Angell Animal Medical Center

350 South Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02130

OPEN: Evenings, Weekends & Holidays

Call: (617) 522-7282

Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital

 20 Cabot Road Woburn, MA 01801

OPEN: Evenings, Weekends & Holidays

Call: (781) 932-5802

What To Do In An Emergency

If you know what to expect at our pet hospital, the process will be easier for both you and your pet. Below are the steps you should follow:

Call Ahead If You Can

We know that if it's an emergency, you might not be able to contact us in advance, however, it's always best if you can. If there is time, you can even complete our New Patient Form prior to your arrival.

Get To Our Office Immediately

A member of our team will bring you to an exam room. If you haven't done so already, we will ask you to fill out a New Patient Form. A veterinary technician will triage your pet, then a vet will conduct a full exam.

Determine Treatment

After your pet has been examined, our talented veterinarians will develop a treatment plan so your animal companion will get the best treatment possible. We make sure your primary care veterinarian is updated with your pet's medical history to guarantee seamless and integrated care for your pet.

Animal Emergency FAQs

Emergency veterinary care means the treatment of animals in situations that need immediate medical attention, or may possibly be life-threatening.

  • What is considered an emergency?

    Any of the situations below are considered emergencies that require immediate care. If your pet has been in an accident, or is experiencing any of the following symptoms, bring them to our emergency animal hospital immediately.

    • Unconsciousness
    • Obvious signs of extreme anxiety or pain 
    • Heatstroke or heat stress 
    • Bleeding that hasn't stopped, or severe bleeding 
    • Choking, difficulty breathing or continuous coughing/gagging
    • Injuries to the eye(s)
    • Pain associated with passing feces or urinating, or inability to pass feces or urinate 
    • Bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, or blood in urine
    • Staggering and/or seizures
    • Severe lameness, fractured bones or inability to remove legs
    • Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more
    • Severe vomiting or diarrhea; more than two episodes in 24-hours
    • You know or suspect your pet has ingested something poisonous (such as antifreeze, xylitol, chocolate, rodent poison, etc.)
  • What emergency services do you offer?

    Our Central Massachusetts vets offer state-of-the-art emergency care for your animal family members during our regular hospital hours. We are supplied with what we need to give you and your pet a complete range of medical, surgical, and specialized diagnostics.

    While we can hospitalize patients during our operating hours of 7am-10pm, by 10pm all patients who require overnight care will have to be picked up and transferred to a 24/7 clinic.

  • Do I need to phone ahead?

    If you are able to, it is always best to contact us prior to your arrival, however, we understand emergencies can happen very quickly and it isn't always possible. 

    If you don't have time to call us ahead in your situation don't hesitate to bring your pet to our emergency veterinarians for immediate medical attention. 

  • When is your emergency pet hospital open?

    Our veterinarians are available for emergency services between 7:00 am - 10:00 pm daily.

  • How long will we have to wait to see the vet?

    A veterinary emergency hospital is much like human emergency department so the timing can be unpredictable and you might have to wait. 

    We can't predict the types of cases we will see and the times they will arrive at, however, we will prioritize cases based on medical requirements. 

    You'll find a comfortable waiting room and our team will do their best to keep you informed about the wait times and the status of your beloved pet.  

  • Will you keep in touch with our primary care veterinarian?

    Yes, we will keep your primary care veterinarian up to date with your pet's files and medical history to make sure your pet gets seamless, integrated care. 

Animal Blood Bank Services

Wachusett Animal Hospital uses blood donations from volunteers to treat patients in Westminster and the Fitchburg area quickly and safely with blood transfusions collected from volunteers.

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