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Veterinary Surgery

Our veterinary team performs a variety of different surgical operations, including dental surgery, spay and neuter procedures, soft tissue surgery, and more for our patients in the Fitchburg area are from across Central Massachusets.

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Veterinary Surgery

At Wachusett Animal Hospital our highly trained veterinarians offer and perform a variety of surgeries for pets from across Central Massachusets, utilizing stringent surgical protocols. 

During every surgery our animal hospital performs, one of our devoted nurses will give your pet anesthesia and pain management. Throughout the process, they will continue to monitor your companion's condition with electronic patient equipment.

After the surgery our staff prioritizes pain management and post-operative monitoring, giving you in-depth instructions on how to care for your pet at home. 

Surgery, Westminster Vet

What to Expect from Surgery

We will continue to keep you completely up to date and informed regarding the suggestions we make for surgical procedures and about the post-operative care your pet will require at home. At our hospital we use stringent surgical protocols.

Surgical Procedures

At Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat, we conduct emergency and medical surgeries to help treat your pet's condition and disease as well as to repair any injuries that were obtained due to trauma.

Below is a list of elective and non-elective animal surgeries our vets routinely perform:

    • Soft Tissue Surgery

      If your pet is suffering from a throat, ear or nose disorder we can help them with soft tissue surgical procedures.

      We can also perform these procedures for skin, urogenital, oncological, cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, and hepatic disorders. Learn more about soft tissue procedures at our animal hospital.

    • Spaying & Neutering

      We surgically sterilize your cat or dog before spaying or neutering them in order to prevent disease and to extended their life expectancy.

    • Ocular

      Does your pet have pain, redness or other symptoms in or around their eyes? If so, they may require ocular surgery.

      The common ocular operation we perform for cats and dogs are enucleations

    • Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)

      Vets conduct this surgery to treat CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) ruptures in your dog's knee.

      In this procedure, your veterinarian cuts the top of their shin bone, moves it forward and stabilizes it in the fixed position. Learn more about Tibial Tuberosity Advancement procedure at our animal hospital.

    • Orthopedic Surgery

      We perform cat and dog orthopedic surgery to correct diseases and injuries of your pet's tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, and other skeletal structures.

      If your pet is suffering from a condition or injury that needs advanced specialized care your veterinarian will refer your cat or dog to our orthopedic vet surgeon or if it is more emergent you will be referred to another referral center that can see your pet sooner.

    • Dental Surgery

      Our vets offer cat and dog dental surgeries. They can range from jaw fracture repairs to gum disease treatment and tooth extractions.

The Surgery Process

We know that bringing your pet in for surgery can be scary but, we assure you that our vets only recommend surgery when it is in the best interests of your animal companion. 

We make sure that you completely understand the reasons why we are recommending surgery, and that you are comfortable moving ahead with the procedure.

In the case your pet needs advanced care, your veterinarian will refer you to our travelling veterinary surgeon or another trusted board-certified specialist in the Fitchburg area, and will work closely with your pet surgeon to make sure your pet gets the best care possible. 

Surgical protocols at our clinic include:

Pre-surgical assessments. The staff will confirm the specifics of the procedure, conduct a physical examination of your pet and make sure blood tests have been finished and reviewed by the vet in order to determine if your pet will encounter any risk of anesthesia-related complications.

Dedicated surgical suites. All surgeries are performed in a designated surgical suite that is kept completely sterile and clean in order to prevent cross-contamination and infection.

Surgical attire. Our staff wear disposable masks and caps the entire time they are in the surgical suite. Anyone involved in the procedure also wears sterile gowns and single-use gloves.

Sterile packs and equipment. Prior to every surgery we carefully clean, sterilize and wrap the surgical instruments and equipment.

  • Dental Surgery

    At Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat, our veterinary team provides dental surgery services for pets from across Central Massachusetts that are suffering from a wide variety of oral health issues. Contact Us What is Dental Surgery? Dental surgery is any surgical procedure, which addresses oral health i...
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  • Pet Ophthalmology & Ocular Procedures

    At Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat, we offer vision care, diagnoses, and surgical treatment of eye and eyelid disorders for cats and dogs in the Westminster area. Contact Us What are ocular procedures for cats and dogs? Some of the most common ocular procedures and tests we perform for cats...
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  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    At Wachusett Animal Hospital and Pet Retreat, we provide a comprehensive range of soft tissue surgical procedures for our cat and dog patients from across Central Massachusets Contact Us What are soft tissue surgical procedures? Soft tissue surgery encompasses the majority of surgical procedures that are not ...
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  • Spaying & Neutering

    Spaying and neutering are common surgeries performed at our veterinary hospital that help to control the unwanted animal population and offer a number of health benefits to cats and dogs in the Fitchburg area. Contact Us What is spaying and neutering? Both spaying and neutering refer t...
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  • Tibial Tuberosity Advancement

    Tibial Tuberosity Advancement is a surgical procedure that can help some dogs in the Fitchbugr area with knee pain regain better mobility and reduce pain. Contact Us What is Tibial Tuberosity Advancement? Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) is a surgery used to treat cranial cruciate l...
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